Book a Weekend Getaway - Take a Cruise Around Singapore’s Southern Islands

Living in the city definitely has its own perks - attraction and entertainment, restaurants and shopping, and better work opportunities.

But the fast-paced lifestyle can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. Having downtime is important, as it allows us to relax and recharge.

You may be wondering how to do that on this little island we call home.

Well, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that with the pandemic still ongoing, travelling overseas is temporarily suspended.

The good news is that there are still options you can explore to achieve those “overseas” vibes!

Read on as we rediscover Singapore and the quick weekend getaways it has to offer for the nature lover in you.


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A short ferry ride away, approximately 6.5 km away from Singapore, St John’s Island is the largest of the Southern Islands in Singapore.

Fun fact: St John’s Island used to be a quarantine island for infectious diseases and drug rehabilitation center.

But nowadays, the island is popular among travellers who enjoy beaches and outdoor activities, or for simply basking in the glory of nature, away from screens. It hosts a variety of flora and fauna.

Unofficially dubbed the “Cat Island”, it also houses the friendliest felines, making it a haven for cat lovers!

Families with young children will likely enjoy visits to this island as there are plenty of wide and open spaces for them to run free.

For those who are into marine life and science, the island has a public gallery which showcases an overview of the Marine Park, a miniature 3D model of its dive trails, as well as an aquarium and a viewing pool.

Of course, all these activities are available on top of having picnics, cycling, and barbecuing.

Kusu Island Tour

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Your next ferry ride is to Kusu Island for temple visiting!

On Kusu island are three Malay shrines, called Kramats, and a Chinese temple. Believers make a wish at these shrines and it is believed that if a wish comes true on this island, one must go back to give thanks.

The shrines and temples are said to be able to grant health, wealth, good marriage, children, and harmony. There’s also a wishing well near the temple where visitors can toss coins.

Kusu, in Chinese, means tortoise. What’s a tortoise island without actual tortoises? The island has a tortoise sanctuary and shelter, which is home to hundreds of tortoises!

Similar to St John's Island, swimming and picnics are the main activities to do as the island has a great deal of bar pits, shelters, and picnic tables for visitors to use.

Sisters’ Island Tour

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Our last stop is Sisters’ Island. Deriving from its name, the Sisters’ Island has two islands called the Big Sister's Island and Small Sister's Island.

According to the National Parks’ website, Small Sister’s island will serve as a dedicated site for marine conservation and research. Hence, it is not open to the public.

Big Sister’s Island is the place to really go to if you want to get away from the crowd because, unlike the previous two locations, it doesn't receive as many visitors. (Which may be surprising considering it has some interesting activities you can try!)

Since the Sisters' Island is considered a Marine Park, it’s the perfect place for snorkeling as it houses corals, fish and other underwater creatures. So be sure to bring your snorkeling gear!

The Big Sister's Island has two lagoons where you can swim safely. Be mindful not to swim outside of the lagoon though, as there may be a strong current beyond the calm waters. Not to mention jellyfish, always watch out for jellyfish.

Diving is also an option, although you’d need to join a group of approved dive operators and process certain requirements before joining.

If you’re fortunate enough, during low tide, you get to see interesting marine life such as sea urchins, sea stars, and many species of corals.

Much like the two other islands, shelters are built for those who want to hide from the sun. Swimming, barbecue pits, and picnics are also allowed there. Monkeys roam this island freely, so be watchful of your belongings (and food!).

Ready to Head “Overseas”?

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At these getaway destinations, you are able to take care of your inner peace and stroll amongst the greenery and waves and just feel the gush of wind in your face.

If this is the type of adventure you’d be keen on, Marina South Ferries offers a regularly scheduled weekend trip to the three islands.

Island hopping is available too with Marina South Ferries new ferry route! Just be sure to check the ferry schedule from Marina South Pier to see the timings available for you to hop to the next island.

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