About Us

Marina South Ferries is a ferry transportation service that provides both public and private charters to the Southern Islands of Singapore.

More than mere transportation from point to point, we aim to provide a holistic experience that engages our island explorers with a comfortable, reliable tour service.

We operate daily trips to the southern islands, and liaise with guides and caterers to provide personalised, experiential tours and/or getaways for our travellers!


Fun Trivia about Marina South Ferries

You might have noticed that our logo is a humpback whale. Well, it's not just because we love them.

It’s also because an adult humpback is about 18m - that's the size of our ferries!

How We Came to Be

Our parent company was incorporated in 1981 as a ferry transportation service for businesses plying Singapore’s Straits.

Marina South Ferries was conceptualised when we first visited the southern islands - we fell in love with them and wanted others to have the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity and history of each island too!

However, there wasn’t a ferry service at the time that focused on customers’ experiences when visiting the Southern Islands. It was plain transportation with no real sense of adventure or wonder.

That's when the idea for Marina South Ferries was born - and the rest is history!

Our Team

Marina South Ferries operates thanks to a team of people who are passionate about their jobs and helping others discover the hidden wonders of Singapore.

We believe that everyone should get a chance to see the Southern Islands and waters of our little country in all their natural beauty. That’s why we do what we do!

Our Vessels

MSF Natsu (86-seater) and MSF Happy (100-seater) are sister vessels designed and built with sea-lovers in mind. Our open grass-decked out top decks allow you to enjoy the breeze and panoramic view of our Southern Seas on your journey to the islands. Your adventure starts onboard!

We also have approximately twenty to thirty 12-seater boats which are regularly booked for water taxi services.

Our vessels are cleaned and inspected regularly for maintenance to ensure that they meet safety and seagoing standards.