Lazarus Island

Attractions to Look Forward to on Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island’s past is a stark difference from its bright present. It used to hold several prisons, but these were eventually abandoned and later burned down in a wildfire.

Today, the island is best known as a great place to go to enjoy nature and the beach without dealing with a glut of people. It’s also fairly famous for its abundance of cute and fluffy cats!

To visit, you can take one of our ferries to St John’s Island and cross the walking path to Lazarus Island! Check out the activities you can try on the island below.

Things to Do on Lazarus Island


Enjoy a Picnic

Just like most of Singapore’s other southern islands, Lazarus Island is a perfect place for some old-fashioned picnicking. Just remember to pack everything you need, because there aren’t any food stalls there.

Pet and Feed the Cats

Lazarus Island is home to quite a number of fluffy cats that wander about freely. So, bring along some cat food or snacks if you want some playtime with these friendly felines!


Enjoy Some Beach Sports and Watersports

People come here for the open, beautiful beach, where you can enjoy a number of sports. That includes kite flying, swimming, snorkelling, and the like. You can enjoy some suntanning on the sand too!

Cross Over to St John’s Island

Lazarus and St John’s Island are linked by a short causeway, so you can actually walk over from one island to the other. St John’s even has a lodge if you’d like to do an overnight stay!


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