Ferry Services

Our ferries offer a variety of services for day-trippers, tourists, and even businesses. Whether you want to book a place on one of our daily ferries to the islands or get a private charter, we can accommodate you.

Island-Hopping Ferry

Discover the beauty of Singapore's Southern Islands, by booking a ticket on any of our island-hopping ferries.

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Water Taxi

Book a ferry for specific times of the day to bring you and your entourage to and from the islands as you please.

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Ferry Charter

Charter a vessel for your own special event or occasion! You can celebrate the day in style both on our ferries and on one of the islands with this option.

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Book Your Trip

Get started on planning your special excursion to the Southern Islands now.

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Ferry Schedule

Our island-hopping ferries sail to the islands daily. Check out our schedule below, which covers weekdays, weekends, and even public holidays.

Marina South Pier