Plan for Your Island-Hopping Cruise Around Singapore’s Islands Today

Weekend vacations do not get enough recognition.

Think about it, you get to destress, spend precious time with loved ones - and you don’t need to spend a fortune (nor sacrifice your annual leave) to be able to do it!

However, considering the fact that it’s only for the weekend, planning is imperative.

In Singapore, there are a few Southern islands you can visit while international travel is suspended — John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Sisters’ Island.

If you want to go on a short trip and spend a memorable weekend getaway with friends and family at these islands, here are our top tips for you!

Plan ahead

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Research the places you’re going to - particularly the do’s and don'ts, as well as the activities that are available to do.

From your research, you’ll get to prepare what you need for the trip and also get to visualise the activities you’re going to experience.

For instance, if you check the predicted weather on that day, you’ll be able to know what kind of clothes to wear and bring. Checking ferry schedules in advance will also help you to know how to spend your sweet but short time wisely in the islands.

To give you a general view of what you can do in the islands, we’ve listed them down here for you.

In your St John’s Island tour, you can immerse yourself in nature, go swimming, or have a picnic by the beach.

At Kusu Island, you can visit its pilgrimage sites and tortoise sanctuary.

Sisters’ Islands, on the other hand, don’t get a lot of visitors on a regular basis, so this is best for those who seek a peaceful, quiet break from the city crowd.

Pack the essentials

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Now that you've done your research and have a rough idea on what you’ll be doing, the next step is to figure out what to pack.

This includes packing food and drinks as these islands don’t have any stores or facilities other than tables, chairs, and public shelters. Be sure to only pack food that will keep well (think sandwiches, pies, burgers, hotdogs) and can be eaten comfortably!

We suggest bringing a cooler and ice packs, too, in case you want to keep your drinks cold.

In most cases, you will also need mosquito repellent, beach mats, towels and extra clothes. Be sure to take any other essential items you need with you.

Bring your camera gear or selfie stick as well if taking pictures is something that you cannot do without.

Most importantly, leave your work devices at home! Even if it’s something that you love doing, this is your downtime. You’re here to take a breather.

Take the earliest ferry scheduled if possible

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In order to make the most of your day, consider leaving early so you have more hours to enjoy your mini trip!

If it’s possible, utilise a long weekend to book an island stay. St John’s Island actually offers an accommodation for you to stay the night, just remember to check in with them in advance!

Marina South Ferries has a regular weekend schedule, with ferry rides from 9 AM to 6 PM. An inter-island shuttle, from St John’s to Sisters Island, is also available. You can check out their schedule here

BONUS TIP: Do not feed the monkeys!

Monkeys roam freely on these islands. While most of them are harmless, some monkeys go absolutely bananas (pun intended) when interacting with humans. We don’t want them to get used to the idea of humans feeding them, too.

Embark on an Exciting and Memorable Weekend Getaway

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Among all these tips, the best one we can give you is to just go and have a good time.

Planning is important, yes, but leave some room for spontaneity. Remember that this time is to gather some inspiration and connect with your loved ones in a short “beach getaway”.

Marina South Ferries allows you to do just that with our regular running scheduled trips to the Southern Islands. If you are ready to plan for a Singapore island tour by ferry, check out our schedule from Marina South Pier or enquire with us today.