Marina South Pier -> Lazarus

Due to popular demand, our direct ferries from Marina South Pier to LAZARUS ISLAND service will be here to stay!

Ticket types

  • Adult
  • Child: Below 12 years old (Free for children 0-2 years old)

Additional Information

  • Only for departures from Marina South Pier.
  • Run by express ferries, drop off will be directly at Lazarus Island's Pulau Seringat jetty (PR).
  • Ferry tickets are valid for 2 ways on the same day. Please note that the return trip to Marina South Pier will still be from St. John's Island main jetty.
  • Tickets may not be used for ferries to Sentosa.
  • Pets, prams and bicycles are allowed onboard the ferry at no extra cost.
  • Ferry operations may be delayed/cancelled in the case of bad weather or high traffic volume at the jetties.