Marina South Pier -> Lazarus

Due to popular demand, our direct ferries from Marina South Pier to LAZARUS ISLAND service will be here to stay!

Ticket types

  • Adult
  • Child: Below 12 years old (Free for children 0-2 years old)

Additional Information

  • Only for departures from Marina South Pier.
  • Run by express ferries, drop off will be directly at Lazarus Island's Pulau Seringat jetty (PR).
  • Ferry tickets are valid for 2 ways. Please note that the return trip to Marina South Pier will still be from St. John's Island main jetty. (Do let our staff know if you intend to overnight during ticket collection.)
  • Tickets may not be used for ferries to Sentosa.
  • Pets, prams and bicycles are allowed onboard the ferry at no extra cost.
  • Ferry operations may be delayed/cancelled in the case of bad weather or high traffic volume at the jetties.